Sep 242015

We’ve recently discovered that the latest version of the ChipKIT MPIDE (used to compile and flash the PineBlaster code) is no longer compatible with the original PineBlaster code that we have made available. We have updated our code to be compatible with the latest version of MPIDE (v0150-20150820), however this has resulted in a reduction […]

Aug 142014
Implementation of the Novatech DDS9m

The Monash BEC labs use several rf sources, including the Novatech DDS9m. The DDS9m has four outputs, the first two of which can be stepped through a pre-programmed table, with the remaining two only controllable by software commands (and hence static during buffered runs). We use a revision 1.3 board, which supports external timing of the […]

Aug 142014

Over the next few months, the labscript suite will undergo some fairly large changes. These are generally along the lines of making it more maintainable for the future. The broad goals are as follows: Port remaining GTK programs to Qt Port to Python 3 Re-architect labscript’s instruction and timing model Make installation more painless  Port to […]