We are very grateful for all the contributions users have made in the past decade to make the labscript suite the most widely used open-source experiment control and automation system in quantum science. These include development, suggestions, and feedback, and we look forward to this continuing on GitHub.

  • For advice on how to use existing functionality of the labscript suite, please use our mailing list.
  • To report bugs, or to propose new features or enhancements, please use the issue tracker in the appropriate GitHub repository.
  • For everything else, please contact the core development team directly.

We welcome contributions from all users, especially if you’re developing something for your own laboratory.  For more information, see the contributing guide. Don’t let the review process put you off; if you have code that you think is useful, issue a pull request and we’ll help you deal with any issues that arise!

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Core labscript suite team

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Philip Starkey
Russell Anderson


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