The labscript suite supports a range of commercial and open-source hardware, and is modular by design. Adding support for new devices involves writing Python functions for a well-defined set of primitives to program instructions, and transition between buffered I/O and manual states. See the documentation for more details on adding new devices.

The following devices have been implemented in the suite:

Note: labscript-devices 2.5.0 (June 2019) can now auto-generate a labscript device class for any NI-DAQmx device! (PR #ʙʙ56)

Supported Cameras

The following cameras are implemented by sub-classing labscript_devices.Camera, a Python-based camera server which can be controlled directly from blacs.

The image acquisition program BIAS is no longer actively developed. Nevertheless, any Andor camera should work with BIAS as well as most GigE cameras (possibly with slight modification as seen in the implementation of the Photonfocus). Cameras explicitly tested with BIAS are:

The Monash labs where the labscript suite was initially developed have used an Adnaco PCI/PCIe fiber expansion system, which allows devices to be located close to the experiment independently from the control PC (which can reside, for example, in a different room) without introducing ground loops.

† We do not endorse the use of any particular hardware.