BIAS is no longer actively maintained. Instead, we recommend using a Python-based camera server. Several of these have been written for a range of cameras, examples of which can be found in the labscript_devices code bade, e.g. AndorFLIR FlyCapture 2Basler pylon, and any camera compatible with National Instruments IMAQdx (most cameras compliant with the GigE Vision interface standard).

BIAS is a camera control program. It interfaces with blacs to take images during experiments, while allowing the user to update regions of interest and camera settings.

BIAS is a LabVIEW application that makes use of a number of libraries to interface and communicate with the rest of the software stack in a standard way. These libraries can be installed with the VI package manager, with required versions and links to the necessary VIP files listed below.

The packages can be batch installed by selecting “Open Package File(s)” from the File menu of VIPM and selecting all 4 VIP files.


  • BIAS is only compatible with the 32-bit version of LabVIEW and requires the “NI Vision Acquisition Software” package to be installed (available as a free download from National Instruments).